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Our request:

 Kill Bacteria now - use Phages

No cure exists for many bacterial infections

Phages can help infected patients

Phages can prevent death and amputations

Phages are natural enemies of bacteria

Phages are known and safe since 100 years with no Adverse Events

Phages are biologicals and not allowed by health authorities


Phages are urgently needed now, we need:

Phage banks (with defined phages, sequenced and typed hosts)
Phage production (fast, affordable, available)

Phage therapy approval (unconventional rules and permission by politicians)

Phage research to improve phage therapy


Say yes via e-mail: support@phage-initiative.org

This Call is a concerted effort by phage researchers, Doctors, patients and all

of you for the benefit of mankind.

Wroclaw July, 2018


Karin Moelling (Switzerland, Germany) on behalf of colleagues
Jean-Pierre Pirnay (Belgium), Mikael Skurnik (Finland), Laurent Debarbieux
(France), “Betty” Kutter (USA), Rob Lavigne (Belgium), David Prangishvili (France), Jochen Klumpp (Switzerland), Felix Broecker (USA), and others.


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